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Words in Context

Asked my legal colleague if she was a better family law lawyer, now that she had gone through her own divorce. She agreed. Know a fair bit about estates, both in terms of law practice and in terms of the … Continue reading

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Estate Pauper

From an email conversation at the law firm: Lawyer A: I thought I would highlight a recent change in the estates world. Amendments to the Estate Administration Tax Act, impacting the estate administration process, came into effect as of January … Continue reading

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Moral to Legal

Have written about how estate plans can be challenged by dependent adult children. In Ontario, this is based on factual dependency being established. In particular, that parents continued to support an adult child in a manner where his or her … Continue reading

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Islamic Wills and Powers of Attorney

About this time last year, gave a presentation at an Ottawa Musalla in relation to Islamic wills, powers of attorney and general estate issues. Here for others who might be interested. Overview of the presentation: 12 11 Islamic Wills Presentation … Continue reading

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Where Did She/Her Estate Go?

Subject: Wondering what status is of CFMDC [Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre] 1980 documentary on Dianne Heatherington, “Soul Survivor” I have been trying to track down a DVD version of a documentary on the late Dianne Heatherington. I thought that the … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

I no longer work with longer life projections. Three to five years, maximum. Maybe it’s the estate component to my law practice, seeing people fade quickly and unexpectedly. Reading the obituaries and encountering so many who don’t make it to … Continue reading

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Joint Ending

When married couples separate, often there is so much disagreement over the children and immediate financial issues that property, will and estate issues get overlooked. I am aware of one situation where a married couple separated, and the spouse who … Continue reading

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Predatory Marriage II

I have written about the legal effects of predatory marriages, and the concerns that arise in relation to the relative ease with which such marriages are held to be valid. Some have made important suggestions as to how to counter … Continue reading

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Predatory Marriage: Marry Me Today

Carry me away I know your angel eyes Can see through me …Marry me today Recently attended the Annual Estates Summit of the Law Society of Upper Canada. The beauty of law; never constant, always learning and where the more … Continue reading

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Maximizing Social Assistance, Despite Other Resources

Most jurisdictions have some form of social support for those who need help and have no other resources. In Ontario, apart from municipal welfare programs, there is the Ontario Disability Support Program. It is there to help those who, for … Continue reading

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