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New Year

New mob: And then Iranian President Rouhani calls for unity as death toll rises in unrest Eliza Mackintosh and Alanne Orjoux, CNN, January 1, 2018. Rouhani has acknowledged that Iranians have the right to protest legally but urged national unity … Continue reading

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From La Rotonde, le 2 octobre 2017, p. 8, “La Parenthèse française” par Nicolas Hubert: Egypte–Au moins six personnes ont été arrêtées le 22 septembre pour avoir brandi un drapeau arc-en-ciel à l’occasion d’un concert donné par le groupe libanais … Continue reading

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Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, the country’s top Islamic authority, condemned what he called “the disgusting terrorist operation that was carried out by extremists against our Christian brethren.” He quoted the prophet Muhammad as having declared: “Whoever harms a person … Continue reading

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The Day Before

Uncredited article, from National Post news services, Monday, September 10, 2001 at A11(extract): Taleban may swap prisoners KABUL – The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan’s ruling Taleban said yesterday the hardline movement might consider swapping eight detained foreign aid workers for … Continue reading

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Some Referent: We just can’t

…where rape is rape, and religion is not. Remembering the gang rapes in India, of tourists and locals. Remembering the public rapes in Egypt, at Tahrir Square, the centre of the alleged “Arab Spring“. The unspeakable truth about Rotherham Margaret … Continue reading

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Pesky Lawyers

Sent messages to Neil Remington Abramson, as follows: Subject: “Disruptive” lawyers in Egypt …as here. …mass trials, involving pesky lawyers. Practising law in these contexts is, well… To which Neil replied, as follows (reproduced with permission): As for pesky lawyers, … Continue reading

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Criminal Defence Counsel in Egypt II

“How dare you question my authority?” (Judge Saeed Yousssf) said, before ordering the security services to train their guns on the lawyers. Criminal defence counsel in Egypt seem to have a particularly difficult role. Attitudes of some of the judiciary … Continue reading

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Criminal Defence Counsel in Egypt

It seems to be quite difficult to be a criminal defence counsel in Egypt, as evidenced by this story: Egyptian judge cuts short mass Islamist trial over “disruptive” lawyers -source Reuters, March 23, 2014 A mass trial of members of … Continue reading

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Loyalty to Order

The last thing we wanted was to take thousands of prisoners of war. One major mistake the U.S. is considered to have made in Iraq was to disband the Iraqi armed forces, following the U.S./coalition invasion. May seem odd; why … Continue reading

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Another Democracy

So the calls again. Leader must go. Thought there had been election. Monitored for fairness by the very countries from which there are now calls for leader to step down. The pushout through sanctions. Statues with some statement against dark … Continue reading

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