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Real World

From an interview with Michael Mackenzie, by Nelson Luscombe, shortly after Mackenzie’s appointment as Canada’s first Superintendent of Financial Institutions. As published in “When two plus two equals three”, Editorial, CA Magazine, March, 1987: …I have this uneasy feeling that … Continue reading

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Growth spurts depend on people who don’t know how bad their odds of success are. Some people hit on something, and it resonates. Came across 2001 New York Times article by Virginia Postrel, “A vital economy suffers fools gladly” (September … Continue reading

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Going to have to go back to the advocacy times for a European Union. Were the potential disadvantages emphasized as well? From “Ireland writing a new economic textbook”, by G. Pascal Zachary. The Wall Street Journal, via the Globe and … Continue reading

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Used to be a highly successful mall, I guess. Lots of stores needing business now. The expanded store site in the parking lot now abandoned. Then found, at the back, that at one time there must have been much more … Continue reading

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To the side

Was travelling down Highway 7 to a Toronto area hearing. Had not travelled road in some time. Very few places to stop between Ottawa and Madoc. So many closed businesses at the side of the road. Turns out that this … Continue reading

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No Medical; Moral Hazard

Going through material for Accounting Theory class. Always getting something new on the reread, irrespective of number of times article used previously. Concept of “moral hazard”, as discussed by Daniel B. Thornton in a 1984 article on Agency Theory (“Agency … Continue reading

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