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From La Rotonde, le 2 octobre 2017, p. 8, “La Parenthèse française” par Nicolas Hubert: Egypte–Au moins six personnes ont été arrêtées le 22 septembre pour avoir brandi un drapeau arc-en-ciel à l’occasion d’un concert donné par le groupe libanais … Continue reading

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Who decides…

…in relation to publicly-funded institutions, specifically Algonquin College in Ottawa and Niagara College in Welland, Ontario, deciding to open campuses in Saudi Arabia, which prohibits men and women from taking classes together–or, in these cases, even being on the same … Continue reading

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Big and Small

Went to this funeral of Big Catholic. Big mass, big choir, major service with communion. After all, he had been legendary. Asked someone I met afterwards if he attended the funeral. No. That guy is not one of my favourite … Continue reading

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Parallel Interaction

In “On Church and State in Rowan County“, Lorne Anderson wrote about the refusal of a municipal clerk to issue a marriage license to a gay couple, based on her religious beliefs. Lorne commented in part, as follows: The Bible … Continue reading

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In relation to some recent news stories, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (reproduced with permission): Why are the anti-religious facilitated, while the religious are ridiculed? The Charter guarantees religious freedom, presumably, but a Danish company refuses to hire someone … Continue reading

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Disabled Baby Hatch: 700,000

CTV news story by Janice Mackey Frayer about disabled children being abandoned to orphanages in China. An estimated 700,000. Most orphanages now with disabled male and female children, whereas previously mostly abandoned females, healthy or otherwise. Argument that at least … Continue reading

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Social Current Sinking

In Burma, they’re told they’re illegals who should go back to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they’re told they’re Burmese who should go back home. Unfortunately, they’re just caught in the middle. They have been persecuted for decades, and it’s only getting … Continue reading

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No Beast Johnny

When dealing with group assignments, used to arrange my students randomly; no self-selection. Idea that you generally can’t choose with whom you work, so better to get used to differences now. Plus, a way to encourage more diversity of participation, … Continue reading

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Two Rooms

During 1973-1974, my first year of law school, my girlfriend was a woman who lived with a gay man. Lived in an older building, above the commerce of Bank Street in Ottawa. When I would stay over, often her roommate’s … Continue reading

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Fa–ots and Ni–ers

The recent action of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, banning of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” from the airwaves in Canada, has caused some to regard matters as censorship gone too far. The complete decision may be reviewed here. It … Continue reading

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