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Not the people

Thought that, in a democracy, the people are always right. Appears that this view is not entirely shared. Some arguing that Plato and Aristotle, such great thinkers, did not favour democracy. The people needing someone to further what is best … Continue reading

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The people

Remaining in memory. Comments of Minister of Defence Barney Danson, on the night of his 1979 federal election defeat: The people are always right. No undermining. No insult to the people’s choice, even if a source of disappointment. Respect for … Continue reading

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Afghanistan, 2005. When given the vote, people overcome…

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Mob Rulings

Cairo, 2013: Kyiv, 2014: Chicago, March 11, 2016: “Civil rights activists”, and other opponents…such success…

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Sierra Leone, 2007

Going through pictures on computer. At one point, saving various pictures that caught one’s attention. Like this one. The tear gas approaching, and nowhere to move. Did not record photographer. Then found the photo, and wanted to find the story. … Continue reading

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Pacha Khan Zadran

A week of demonstrations against Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s government in Khost ended Aug. 6 2004, as Pashtun protestors demanded that Kabul recall the governors that had replaced Pacha Khan Zadran. Observers described the incident as an illustration of the … Continue reading

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Thailand: Something Other

Friend commented about the number of female leaders in Southeast Asia. Cited Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, as an example. So much more there, in terms of what seems to be class struggle in Thailand, where she represents a particular … Continue reading

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