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Wikipedia: Serious Editors, Serious Criticism

Wikipedia is subject to multiple criticisms. I was also subject to multiple criticisms when I encouraged my students to consider contributing to Wikipedia, such as when they completed assignments on scholars in accounting or in sociology, when I have taught … Continue reading

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Janferie Stone: Constructively Reconstructing The Past

I entered the University of Toronto in 1970, at the age of seventeen. St. Michael’s College. One of the first people I met was Jan Longhurst, then at Victoria College, also from Ottawa, and also seventeen, as I recall. She … Continue reading

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Loose Artistic Immortality

Try as I might, I can’t convince most musicians I meet to complete wills. Even those who become clients often end up with half-completed files. Takes weeks to arrange a meeting to receive instructions and then…nothing. My experience with artists … Continue reading

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Margo Davidson and Creating Some Small Corner of Information: Wikipedia

I used to know Margo Davidson, who played with Parachute Club, a band that had a major hit in the 1980s with the song “Rise Up“: I had met her in 1978, when she was playing in Toronto bars with … Continue reading

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Dara Bascara and Narcisse

Over the past decade, I have been engaged on a number of occasions, as a part-time instructor, to teach a section of Accounting Theory to undergraduates. Students are encouraged to consider the communication of ideas to broader audiences, such as … Continue reading

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