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Saw the 2016 film by and about James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro. So many scenes of perfect elocution, speaking without hesitation: A barrister who never was.

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Parallel Interaction

In “On Church and State in Rowan County“, Lorne Anderson wrote about the refusal of a municipal clerk to issue a marriage license to a gay couple, based on her religious beliefs. Lorne commented in part, as follows: The Bible … Continue reading

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Rights, Values

So the conference gets cancelled, for unspecified “security reasons”. Two weeks earlier, a request to bar certain speakers from entering Canada. Basis of request: Agnes Maltais says the speakers are “preachers who circulate values that run totally against the principles … Continue reading

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Love Survival

Came across this story, “Young lovers stoned to death”, a Reuters story in the Ottawa Sun, on August 17, 2010. Searched for the online version of the story, and came up with “Taliban stone to death secret lovers“, from U.K. … Continue reading

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