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From The Maestro, by Tim Wynne-Jones (1995), where a world-famous pianist and composer explains his choice to live in rustic isolation: But when I actually came here, I knew what I needed more than health, even more than the quiet, … Continue reading

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Moses’ Assistant, and

From a sermon by Neil Remington Abramson: Having It Your Way Hollyburn House June 5, 2017 The Numbers reading (11: 24-30) reports that when Moses gathered up the 70 Elders of Israel to receive God’s gift of spirit and prophesy, … Continue reading

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One Day, I Knew

Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I know that some people do report the bright light and hear God’s voice, as parts of their conversion experience. You asked me if there was a moment like that for me and were, … Continue reading

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So maybe you meet

From an email exchange between Neil Remington Abramson and Lorne Anderson: Neil: I don’t think, by the way, that when you meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he’ll say “If only you’d published more papers”. He might say “If … Continue reading

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Easier to be II

In terms of the acquaintance who had become and atheist and found it easier to be a better person, asked her for an example of the easier circumstance. It is easier to address evil. No Devil to blame. One sees … Continue reading

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Easier to be

From an acquaintance, meeting regularly over thirty years, this time on the bus: It was easier to be a better person when I stopped trying to believe in Christianity. She is a former Presbyterian, once considering the ministry. Now she … Continue reading

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Sun and Cloud

I met a man standing on the street today Through his eyes, the world looked so grim As if we all don’t know just what it’s like When the rain falls down and the lightning strikes My ex-wife would comment … Continue reading

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