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Angles V

Have written about the angles, here, here, here and here. Now November 22: China wants stronger ties with Myanmar military November 23: Myanmar – Bangladesh agreement November 24: Chinese premier meets with Myanmar top military chief Nothing about making sure … Continue reading

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Angles IV

Where China and Saudi Arabia signed on for $70 billion in new deals, during the course of a state visit to Saudi Arabia by Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli from August 23, to August 25, 2017. And where the on … Continue reading

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Angles III

So China has oil interests in Myanmar, where the Rohingya are potentially in the way. So Saudi Arabia has interest in funding coordinated Rohingya terrorist acts in Myanmar. Wondered what the current relationship is between China and Saudi Arabia, since … Continue reading

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New Colonial

From “Is this the end of China’s second housing bubble?”, by Valentin Schmid, Epoch Times, July 7-13, 2017: …When the economy started to cool in the beginning of 2016, China opened up the debt spigots again to stimulate the economy. … Continue reading

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Worshiping Trees

Asked a political person why some in politics seemed to be such protectors of Falun Gong. Seemed like a cult. Remembered a reception involving a Chinese official who, in personal conversation, expressed such sentiments. Though maybe cult-like elements are found … Continue reading

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Met someone from China, in mid-20s, whose English was perfect, with a slight American accent. Wondered how this had happened. Turned out her mother, a university professor, valued English for her child from an early age. From the age of … Continue reading

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Happiness Measure

Measuring national happiness seems to be a major activity of some. Well, at least the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Earth Institute seem to focus on this. Some of the dimensions, from a March 16 story by Philip Pullella … Continue reading

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From Bloomberg Business, “The World’s Coolest and Largest Winter Festival“, in relation to the ice sculptures of Harbin, China: Together and alone:

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Moving Towards Fade

Image from Beijing, of yesterday, or today. This beauty, this horror. Breathing no fire.

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Best Middle School

“I went to the best middle school in the country,” he said. Mentioned this to a friend, who said “I went to the same school.” Saw both then in a particular light. Thought middle school meant Grades 7 to 9. … Continue reading

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