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Various extracts from Canadian history at a bus stop. Various artistically-enhanced copies of labels, advertisements and newspaper announcements. One catching the eye, that turns out to be from page 2 of the Kingston Gazette, June 1, 1814: Sarah Bull Notice … Continue reading

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Heritage II

In relation to “Heritage“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I agree with pulling down a statue of someone like Calhoun, if his writings were the foundation for slavery. I note, however, that he must have fitted the values of … Continue reading

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From a column by Allan Fotheringham, “The mouse, the elephant and the crackers in the bed”, Globe and Mail, January 27, 2001, p. A9: John Kennedy could not stand John Diefenbaker. Instructed to do the ritual tree-planting ceremony at Rideau … Continue reading

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Pass, No Pass

Wrote about “invisible aboriginals” in the Saskatoon of the 1960s. Neil Remington Abramson added further details. Maybe no Pass System, but one still had to pass the police. Didn’t know about the Pass System and its effects. In place for … Continue reading

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Yet those who disrespect legal processes create a danger that law-abiding elements of the community, out of anger and out of fear, will harden their attitudes and refuse to accommodate any change or remedy any shortcomings. They refuse because fear … Continue reading

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Leader of a Forlorn Hope

From a speech by Sir John A. Macdonald, House of Commons, April 7, 1868, following the assassination of Thomas D’Arcy McGee earlier that day. From Brian Busby (Ed.), Great Canadian Speeches: Words That Shaped A Nation (2008): Mister Speaker, it … Continue reading

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Expanding Circles

From a speech by William Lyon Mackenzie King. Radio broadcast from the Supreme Court of Canada, January 3, 1947, on the occasion of his receipt from Chief Justice Thibaudeau Rinfret of the first citizenship certificate under the new Canadian Citizenship … Continue reading

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