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Only The City

Argument that refugees must stay in cities. So the considerations of benefits to smaller, economically challenged areas of Canada…

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Position Paper

From a speech given by Peter C. Newman at the Ernst & Young Canadian Entrepreneur of The Year Award Ceremonies, October 26, 1999 (as extracted from “Peter C. Newman on entrepreneurship”. Ottawa Citizen, October 28, 1999: C3): There’s something very … Continue reading

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Opportune Retirement

No, not mine. I suspect that, like my father, I will work until I drop, or shortly before. After they left him alone at 60, my father eventually became the oldest employee of Revenue Canada (now the Canada Revenue Agency), … Continue reading

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Going South

In relation to the following Washington Times story, my friend, Neil Remington Abramson, commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): I wonder if Paul Martin could come out of retirement to run the USA Ministry of Finance. Jean Chr├ętien … Continue reading

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Convergence of Negatives

Don’t read too many hard copy newspapers anymore. When researching my doctoral dissertation, used to read seven or so newspapers a day. Lots of piles. Problem with electronics versions, at least to me so far, is that there isn’t that … Continue reading

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Equal Debtor

On January 19, attended another presentation by the Canada 2020 group. A public forum for ideas, under the general theme of “The Canada We Want in 2020”. They have recently issued a book of papers on the topic. Theme of … Continue reading

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