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Best Interests

From the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Peoples Department Stores Inc. (Trustee of) v. Wise, [2004] 3 Supreme Court Reports 461, at paragraph 42: …it is clear that the phrase the “best interests of the corporation” should … Continue reading

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Reasonable Expectation

Have written about Nortel on a number of occasions. Came across this March, 2001 Financial Post article. It was all so predictable… Analysts query Nortel sales Financial Post, March 1, 2001, p. C1 The industry practice of recording revenue on … Continue reading

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Growth spurts depend on people who don’t know how bad their odds of success are. Some people hit on something, and it resonates. Came across 2001 New York Times article by Virginia Postrel, “A vital economy suffers fools gladly” (September … Continue reading

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Concept in Organizational Behaviour of forced ranking of personnel. Originating from Jack Welch, identified by Fortune magazine in 1999 as “manager of the century”. He describes the technique in his memoir with a telling title: Jack: Straight From the Gut. … Continue reading

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Uneasy Money

Easy money You say I fool myself But better me than someone else Brokered mortgages. When there is no income, but equity. When there is not enough income, but equity. When there is no equity, but anticipated income. When there … Continue reading

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Back to Front

My ex-wife recently attended a major reunion of students of the former Edenview School in Cactus Lake, Saskatchewan. People who hadn’t seen each other in fifty years or so. Growing up in farms around the hamlet. Asked my ex-wife who … Continue reading

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Contracting The Clean

Why are so many office cleaners on contract? Security issues in many contexts, plus loyalty to organization issues. Once thought that a card reader scam had originated via cleaners at a particular bank branch, since rarely used the card elsewhere. … Continue reading

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