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Missing The Blend

In Accounting Theory, so much research relating to efficiency of contracts and how to develop contract that best motivates manager to act in the best interest of business owners. Such a major research focus on the part of so many … Continue reading

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Monopoly Plantation

Sometimes it seems that the corporate ideal is monopoly, using as many unpaid interns as possible. Then they give back in cultural contributions, generally ensuring perpetuation of names. Of those who Give them a little attention

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Summary of The Sum

Have referenced some editorial content in relation to Michael Mackenzie, Canada’s first Superintendent of Financial Institutions. In the same editorial, by Nelson Luscombe, in CA Magazine from March, 1987, “When two plus two equals three”, the source of the title … Continue reading

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Best Interests

From the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Peoples Department Stores Inc. (Trustee of) v. Wise, [2004] 3 Supreme Court Reports 461, at paragraph 42: …it is clear that the phrase the “best interests of the corporation” should … Continue reading

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Reasonable Expectation

Have written about Nortel on a number of occasions. Came across this March, 2001 Financial Post article. It was all so predictable… Analysts query Nortel sales Financial Post, March 1, 2001, p. C1 The industry practice of recording revenue on … Continue reading

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Growth spurts depend on people who don’t know how bad their odds of success are. Some people hit on something, and it resonates. Came across 2001 New York Times article by Virginia Postrel, “A vital economy suffers fools gladly” (September … Continue reading

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Concept in Organizational Behaviour of forced ranking of personnel. Originating from Jack Welch, identified by Fortune magazine in 1999 as “manager of the century”. He describes the technique in his memoir with a telling title: Jack: Straight From the Gut. … Continue reading

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