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Ever It

Further to recounting his primary school experiences in relation to bullying, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: Have you read Stephen King’s It? It’s my favourite of his works. A monster lives under the town and every 30-some years it … Continue reading

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Bullyism; Cowardice

Wrote about bullies. See them. Know them. Yesterday and today. Which comes first? The bully, or the coward who becomes the bully? Seems to be cowardice, motivated by loathing of self or of self-circumstances. Have a cat bullying the smallest … Continue reading

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Child Lens

…with such neutrality of innocence. Came across this 2013 article in the Ottawa Metro newspaper (via the Canadian Press): Attack ads catch backlash from students Canadian Press Ottawa Metro, May 17-20, 2013, p. 9 Some Grade 5 students have some … Continue reading

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Immobile II

Wrote about tyrants who perceive that they can’t escape their abuse, and so stay until death. Wondered how such circumstances could be analogised to the workplace. Found a document by Karen Harrell Porter on workplace bullying, published by the Ombuds … Continue reading

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Lucky to have me

Part of the attitude of abuse seems to be an elevated sense of self-importance. Or self-importance through comparative denigration. How could he/she ever leave me? Nobody else will want him/her. Turns out that this is on the continuum of the … Continue reading

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Locker Photo

Wrote about bullying in primary school, though not so termed, at the time. One day, in high school, opened locker to find small picture inserted. Head of slightly awkward student, generally known and generally friendly, superimposed on porn photo with … Continue reading

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Snow Queen

Winter carnival at the primary school. Snow Queen election. Somebody suggesting X, being a plain, friendly and intelligent girl. Thought it was a good idea and voted for her. She won. Then hearing the snickers. It had all been a … Continue reading

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