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Sometimes see the sky

From a 2001 article by retired Canadian Major Howard Michitsch, “Canadian troops in for the long haul in Bosnia”, Ottawa Citizen, September 8, 2001: A7. Article being in relation to Canada’s peacekeeping role at the time (1,700 troops), plus the … Continue reading

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Out of focus

Not what the man on the street would say, and perhaps especially if he is an RC! There is the frenzy. The appeal to base negatives. The focus of frustration. The generalized label. Where religion, race or nationality can become … Continue reading

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Bosko Brkic and Admira Ismic: Misdescription

War intervened in love — that’s the problem. In such situations, the laws of love do not exist. Only the laws of war. Zijo Ismic, father of Admira Ismic, 2013. From Gordana Sandic-Hadzihasanovic, “Twenty Years On: The Unfinished Lives Of … Continue reading

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Nataša Ninković

Saw Nataša Ninković in the film Savior. 1998 film starring Dennis Quaid, about the war in Bosnia. 1998 film seen sixteen years later. Full film currently up: Subtitled extract: Serbian profile. So much in the face:

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Sarajevo: Memory Blur

Sarajevo now: Sarajevo then, 1992-1996: Or here: And the confusions: Then, now and then…

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Love Survival II

Wrote about abuse of love not meeting social acceptance. Thought of person I knew whose parents were Hindu and Muslim; no religion in the home. Have been haunted for a long time by this image: He is Serb. She is … Continue reading

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Welcome To Sarajevo

1997 film. The first five minutes, to the wedding party “interruption”. Then at 1:26, for a another “interruption”. Then at 1:36, for the cellist’s eyes that have seen far too much: Then watch the whole movie, for a first or … Continue reading

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Too Forgotten; Never Forgotten

Today, in Bosnia. Remembering a systematic 1995 massacre in Srebrenica of 8,000, primarily men and boys, almost all Muslim, killed for being Muslim. Where thousands can turn into so many more. In the nationalistic darkness that replicates that of Nazi … Continue reading

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Nationalistic Darkness

Bolshevism is bad, but nationalism is worse. Radovan Karadzic Found an older newspaper clipping. Montreal Gazette, October 29, 1997, page B3. “Conflicting visions”, an opinion piece by Dr. Charles Ingrao, of the Department of History at Purdue University. Citing fact … Continue reading

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