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Incarnate Hero

From The Debt to Pleasure by John Lanchester (1996), where the protagonist is highly cultured and opinionated in that regard, throughout. In this case, discussing dimensions of the River Loire: …not to forget the high skies and broad horizons of … Continue reading

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Public Domain

Came across this image. Said to be from old postcard. Unclear whether it is a painting or coloured photo. One of those where one would like very much to know more about the image, but nothing more is readily available. … Continue reading

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Object II

I have seen the future And it’s coming straight at us Wrote about John Cusack’s views of Hitler and Cusack’s role as Max Rothstein, in Max (2002). The Jewish art dealer who saw talent in Hitler, and encouraged his artistic … Continue reading

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Occupational Self-Sufficiency

Forget about the price tag Seems that many occupations, particularly in the arts, are not occupations to pursue full-time, since one cannot make a living at it, full time. Can cause lots of family pain, pursuing that which is not … Continue reading

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Gimlets Slide

In downtown Toronto in the 1970s, there was a higher end strip bar called Gimlets, that appealed to principally male professionals, after work, though sometimes groups of men and women would show up. Went there on more than one occasion. … Continue reading

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Dada to Surreal

Don’t know that much about art or poetry, and less about the latter than the former. Seem to like a lot of William Ronald and Jack Bush, plus some Modigliani. In terms of poetry, can’t think of anybody, other than … Continue reading

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William Ronald: Umbrella

Learned a lot about Canadian abstract art from William Ronald (1926-1998). In particular, his Sunday show on CBC Television, “The Umbrella”, which was largely unpredictable, from week to week. A mix of art, literature, film and music of the times. … Continue reading

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