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Glass Wall

Where one wonders how long the glass walls can last, particularly in Canadian climate. Not many houses with floor to ceiling glass. Perhaps easier to construct, but fifty years on… Had saved this image, from some time ago, but didn’t … Continue reading

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Darul Aman Palace. All this hope in the early 1920s. Construction commenced by Amanullah Khan, prior to his ouster and exile in 1929. And where to All in the

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What was

Rauceby Asylum (1897-1998).

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Walking past the hotel. Wondering why the building was being demolished. Architecture seemed to be fairly unique, and worth preserving. All that brickwork. Then finding out about the “redevelopment”. Wondered about the architecture. Remembering it had at one time been … Continue reading

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Looking Up

…to the top of a stairwell (in this case, at the Desmarais Building, of the University Ottawa) and sides move up: Designed by Moriyama & Teshima. Some symmetry, with logic, to something larger.

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Whitebirch Animal Hospital, Designed By John Holliday-Scott

Saskatoon architect John Holliday-Scott is discussed here. Miriam Hills Macdonald comments further, as follows: John Holliday-Scott was the architect who designed the Whitebirch Animal Hospital and Clinic at 1006 22nd Street West for my husband, veterinarian Dr. Donald Keith Hills, … Continue reading

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Some immigrant song

From Anne Kingston, “How the PM’s residence became a nightmare at 24 Sussex”. Maclean’s, November 21, 2015: It’s a heritage property, says Ottawa architect Barry Padolsky: “Why replace something old and wonderful with something new and wonderful, when we’re losing … Continue reading

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Have discussed the unique residential architecture in Saskatoon, courtesy of John Holliday-Scott. Neil Remington Abramson’s childhood home was Holliday-Scott’s first commission after starting his own architectural firm. Nothing like it on the street. Neil returned to Saskatoon this month, and … Continue reading

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Abandoned II

Originally built in 1923, as a residence for architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. Turned into a hotel in 1928. Failed expansion plans in the 1950s. Closed in the early 1990s, due to the pollution from the Bogota River, which it overlooks. … Continue reading

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John Holliday-Scott

It turns out that the Abramson house was designed by architect John Holliday-Scott. Fifty-five year old house that looks like it was designed within the past year. Very much a contrast of styles; nothing else like it on the street: … Continue reading

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