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St. Louis Cemetery

Why someone would consider time well spent when disturbing the dead.

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Problematic Distance

In relation to “Crime“, a friend commented as follows: I have not heard the sermon to make a judgement. Even still, publicly presenting such language without having a purpose and without explaining the context is wrong. I prefer to keep … Continue reading

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So a Jordanian Imam shows up as “invited guest” at Montreal mosque and urges the killing of all Jews. Not the first time this has happened in Montreal. Where the Imam says he has Qur’anic interpretive support for what he … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet III

In relation to “Institutional Via Internet” and “Institutional Via Internet II“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I believe the hatred passes from parents to children, generation after generation. The best governments can do is suppress its expression in acts … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet II

In relation to how behaviours and attitudes can become institutionalized through lack of government intervention with internet expression, encountered this Associated Press story, via Haaretz: Yad Vashem Asks Amazon CEO to Stop Selling Literature That Denies the Holocaust Yad Vashem’s … Continue reading

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Institutional Via Internet

Concept of institutionalized values and institutionalization processes, developed in Organizational Behaviour. A explanation or justification for conformity, at least in appearance. Issue now being how institutionalized values might change, over time. What was once unacceptable discourse, resulting in loss of … Continue reading

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Prejudice seeming to be a focus of frustration against “the other”. Collective prejudice seems to be a unification of such frustration. The tendency to generalize is…well, generalized. In the same way that the use of the “f word” results in … Continue reading

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Board Game: First Point

“Juden Raus” (“Jews Out”) was a board game introduced to the German Reich in 1936. Players would move figures representing Jews toward “collection points” from which they would be deported to the Land of Israel. “If you manage to see … Continue reading

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Exiting the Stage of Visible Identity

Wrote about finding some 1999 commentary by the late Professor of Classics, A. Trevor Hodge, on the concept of Palestine, including reference to the slaughter of the Jews by the Romans. Neil Remington Abramson comments as follows (reproduced with permission): … Continue reading

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Name Isn’t Smith

In relation to “Anti-Semitism in 1960s Saskatoon” and related articles, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows (e-mail correspondence reproduced with permission): There has been a history of anti-semitism in Canada. When I was a kid, Jewish friends of my parents … Continue reading

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