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Dubious or Unlucky

In “Discovered Relatives“, Neil Remington Abramson wrote, in part, as follows: My great grandfather was Rev. Daniel Stewart Sutherland, the only known member of the family to convert from Presbyterian to Anglican, to win the heart of the woman he … Continue reading

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From the tree

Neil Remington Abramson, a Presbyterian elder, commented as follows: I always thought the two religious traditions of my family were Anglican through my father, and Lutheran through my mother, and I was always happy with Anglican. I regarded Presbyterian as … Continue reading

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No Point in Saving the Seat

Commented about church closures here and here. Believe that churches, once established, should never be closed. Same with schools. Neil Remington Abramson has a very different take on church closures, as here (reproduced with permission): Actually, Anglican churches are working … Continue reading

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Some Lights Out

This is still the South; we love the Lord down here. Pastor Jerel Keene, Louisiana Church All Saints Church, Anglican, now relocated, after 200 years, to a Baptist congregation in Louisiana, from Granville Centre, Nova Scotia. At least it will … Continue reading

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“I DO believe there’s something else”

Burton Cummings, October 12, 2013, via Facebook comment, following the interment of his mother’s ashes: I’m not a huge fan of organized religion, but I have faith in something. Far too many religions are based on fear and secrecy and … Continue reading

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