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So when do you

…look back, with some sense of satisfaction and purpose See a client looking back, shortly before death, nearly shouting “I was the provider!” Or someone long in years, looking back with fondness at the life that she provided for her … Continue reading

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Seems like

Text to a friend: Birthday–64!! What happened?? (Or, more precisely, what the f-ck happened??) Seems like only yesterday we were at the Warwick. Latch on to some past that is at such variance from the present. Variation to rushed currency. … Continue reading

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Was it just yesterday

When the time seems to rush. When twenty seems like such a short time ago, forty plus years on. Turns out this is a question that has puzzled people for many years. As discussed by Jay Ingram: A century ago … Continue reading

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Who they are

As a last holiday period for some, seems more important to reflect on who they are, rather than who they aren’t. Frustration with elderly parents. Some child saying my mother thinks she is all alone, because her parents and brother … Continue reading

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No Mention

In relation to “Seat, Sir” and “Mirror Deception“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: Interesting encounters, a lifetime later. Met by chance someone who was in my primary and secondary school classes at Brunskill and Evan Hardy. Saw her several … Continue reading

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Seat, Sir II

One of those days of age, similar to others. Sitting on the bus, in the front courtesy seats. Must have looked so old that others standing thought that only those in my age cohort should sit beside. Empty seat beside, … Continue reading

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Age and Distance

Reading that Van Morrison just turned 70. When I first heard him, on the first Them album, in Saskatoon in 1965, he was nearly 20 and I was 12. When I first saw him, in Ottawa in 1970, he was … Continue reading

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“I don’t look that good anymore, but you are far worse.”

The relative effects…

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Mirror Deception

See yourself as you always were. Look in the mirror, and see the same person as always seen, with maybe some white hair and lines. But still basically the same as twenty or forty years ago. No dramatic change. Then … Continue reading

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Public Domain

Came across this image. Said to be from old postcard. Unclear whether it is a painting or coloured photo. One of those where one would like very much to know more about the image, but nothing more is readily available. … Continue reading

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