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Let’s Go Downtown

So yes, once it was a downtown residence for many, with its own private yard: Bicycle to board

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What was

Rauceby Asylum (1897-1998).

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Abandoned Corporate Social

All this talk about corporate social responsibility. What is the evidence of same, particularly in relation to abandoned social infrastructure? When a school is about to close, when does one see a corporation stepping up to turn it into a … Continue reading

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Lost Highway II

Saw it, and suspected that this was what it was. Stopped on the highway, and went to the window of the abandoned gas station. Saw the Lost Highway poster and the image of one of its principal subjects, Howard Gibbs, … Continue reading

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Some Use

Lasting from 1904-1945. Closed as unsuitable for more modern trains. No alternative use envisaged. At least not destroyed. Or ready to be destroyed, as in Montreal.

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Abandoned II

Originally built in 1923, as a residence for architect Carlos Arturo Tapias. Turned into a hotel in 1928. Failed expansion plans in the 1950s. Closed in the early 1990s, due to the pollution from the Bogota River, which it overlooks. … Continue reading

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