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Practising Lawyer and Part-Time University Instructor (Accounting, Commercial Law, Organizational Behaviour); Part-Time Federal Tribunal Member. Non-practising Chartered Professional Accountant (Chartered Accountant and Certified Management Accountant).

Only A Thief Would

Only a thief would immediately accuse another of stealing. Comment of a friend, in relation to the extreme jealousy of his girlfriend, which he could no longer tolerate. Jealous, jealous again Thought it time I let you in I ain’t … Continue reading

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This glee with which one wishes ill on another. How does one develop this satisfaction with another’s

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Form and Substance

Recall in the academic world, how some were so very excited to form a new committee for this or that. Sometimes it seemed that they would almost be salivating at the prospect of more committee meetings. Spending much time on … Continue reading

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Easier to Scream

The need to keep cool in relation to criticism, conflict. Often it is the blowup reaction that is sought through the conflict, to set one out of control, relative to another’s agenda. Could be triggered by sudden, unexpected aggression. Or … Continue reading

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The Troggs: Give It To Me

The Troggs. One hit in 1967, among others: Still at it in 2002: Eleven years later, singer Reg Presley passes, at 71. As he then was

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Various extracts from Canadian history at a bus stop. Various artistically-enhanced copies of labels, advertisements and newspaper announcements. One catching the eye, that turns out to be from page 2 of the Kingston Gazette, June 1, 1814: Sarah Bull Notice … Continue reading

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Good At Something

Seems that everyone needs to have a sense that he or she has better than average abilities in some activity or domain. Often that sense will come through positive feedback in context. How does one maintain a sense of particular … Continue reading

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