I am a lawyer/attorney in Ottawa, Canada. I primarily practice in the areas of wills and estates, plus commercial law and real estate. I also contribute to family law, primarily by way of separation agreements and attempts to resolve differences. When it comes to commencing an action for divorce, I hand the file over to another lawyer. I am also a part-time instructor at the Telfer School of Management, primarily teaching Accounting Theory these days, plus Commercial Law, when the opportunity presents itself. I have also taught in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Ottawa, in addition to teaching at a number of other universities, since commencing an academic career in 1984. Part of the lens through which I see things is based on having spent over a decade as an assistant to Members of Parliament in the Parliament of Canada. There are more detailed profiles available here and here.

The purpose of this blog is to get recollections and ideas out for consideration and development by others. My doctoral dissertation, concerning financial institution regulation and delays in the closures of financial institutions, did not develop as much as I would have preferred, due to moving from the academic to the political world in 1995. I don’t appear to have the ability to crank things up at 4 a.m., or to balance multiple occupational responsibilities, comparable to John Grisham or Bertrand Vac.

When I started this, I was 57 years old. I appreciate more the finiteness of life, partly because of the wills and estates nature of my law practice, but also because I have developed an appreciation of how very quickly time passes, with stealth. Being 17 or 20 is like yesterday, in both my experience and recollection.

This exercise involves no intended expos√©. In any of these stories or recollections, there are going to be backstories that never see the light of day, at least through me. My purpose is to positively convey recollections or ideas, in a manner that does not hurt anyone or betray confidences. I have had one occasion where I have considered it necessary to slightly alter facts to avoid identification of a person, who is otherwise unnamed, but whose identity might be surmised by that person’s social circle, and where my interactions with that person may not be known. The essential facts remain as recounted.

These days, my basic approach to where life presents itself is whether the ride has been reasonable. Not every aspiration realized, but still a reasonable ride. I wake up to that sentiment most days, and it is the one that I prefer.

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