Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

Before my stepfather Ed died, we didn’t talk about it. He graciously pretended for me he wasn’t about to die, even though he was telling all our friends, I heard later, that he was. I don’t know if I pretended, but I tried to talk him into a positive mental attitude, thinking he’d have a better chance, if he stayed positive. Two days later, he was dead and I was telling him all the things I should have said earlier, as he lay dead in his hospital bed. God willing, he heard me.

When my mentor of almost thirty years was dying of lung cancer, I knew better. I was scheduled to go to a conference in Ottawa – a work obligation – but I stopped in at the hospital because he wasn’t expected to live till I was back. He was in a coma, but I’d heard from a friend who ran a hospice that they can hear you and remember your presence and words even unconscious. I told him how important he was in my life and that to me he was like a younger father or an older brother. He smiled and I knew he heard me.

I know so many more people now dead than living. Going, going, gone are the ones I relied on for wisdom and advice. Who is and will be left to guide me when the younger ones come to ask me?

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