New Year

New mob:


People gather to protest over high cost of living in Tehran, Iran on December 30, 2017.
(Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
From “Donald Trump Ups Show of Support for Economic Protests in Iran
Associated Press, via Time Magazine

And then

Iranian President Rouhani calls for unity as death toll rises in unrest
Eliza Mackintosh and Alanne Orjoux, CNN, January 1, 2018.

Rouhani has acknowledged that Iranians have the right to protest legally but urged national unity Monday as “the first and most important step at this stage.”

Recall that Rouhani was the moderate, elected in 2013 in what was regarded as a free and fair election, defeating preferred hardline candidates representing the previous regime. A free and fair election within the constitution of an Islamic State.

Not good enough, for certain external interests, it seems. So the mob rule gets favoured, as in Egypt, as in Ukraine, when democracy isn’t getting the result that external interests would prefer, despite professing support for democratic outcomes.

In a democracy, one may freely demonstrate, though typically one must obtain a permit to demonstrate, to ensure that there is sufficient security to address demonstrations that are no longer peaceful. If there were to be spontaneous demonstrations in Canada or the United Staes, similar to those in Iran, Egypt and Ukraine, how would authorities react?

As one academic colleague once recalled Tienanmen Square and its relevance to Iran

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