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External Acceleration

Friend found out that a number of people her friends knew were coming to Canada to give birth. Paying for private medical care. The issue of “instant citizenship” was one matter, but the other question for her is why people … Continue reading

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Friend was waiting for call from the specialist health team, to which he had been referred. Getting anxious when no call. Had been told his case was “triaged“. So if no call, must mean that things are not that urgent. … Continue reading

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Paradigm Revision

Thomas Kuhn talks about a “paradigm shift” through first principles that end up subject to later challenge and consequent “revolutionary” abandonment. Either the world is flat or it isn’t. Either the earth orbits around the sun or it doesn’t. However, … Continue reading

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Paul Revere and The Raiders: Peace of Mind

Song from Goin’ to Memphis, Paul Revere and The Raiders album from 1968. Song was single release from the album, and the only song on the album where Paul Revere and The Raiders actually performed. Rest of the album was … Continue reading

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Lungs, Pancreas

Surprisingly, fewer than 10 percent of lifelong smokers will get lung cancer. Fewer yet will contract the long list of other cancers, such as throat or mouth cancers. In the game of risk, you’re more likely to have a condom … Continue reading

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Have written here and here about how people, when faced with the knowledge of terminal illness, often then accomplish so much. Unfortunate that we often don’t see the short line. Still amazed when watching Patrick Swayze in The Beast, pushing … Continue reading

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67 or 76: Orphans

An almost usual bombing in Baghdad, from some two years now. Calling them rejectionists, justifying obliteration. Could be 76 Or 67

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