Rewarding Past and Future

Came across article in The Fulcrum, University of Ottawa student newspaper, in relation to Alex Trebek Leadership Award.

Article by Ellie Sabourin, “Faculty of Education graduate gets first Alex Trebek Leadership Award“, August 30, 2017.

In terms of the purpose of the award:


Allocate an award at convocation to recognize the academic and community involvement achievements of an outstanding undergraduate student who has earned the citation of summa cum laude.

$10,000 award. So it is a reward for someone on graduation, to help such person in the first steps after graduation. Seems like a unique concept. Helping the futures of those who are among the academic best, but where such academic excellence is complemented by community involvement. In terms of the community involvement of the first recipient of the award, Hunter Kelly:

Kelly was recognized for her local volunteer work with foster children in the Ottawa community and her international volunteer work in Uganda this past April.

“For the past nine years, I have worked with five foster teens,” Kelly said. “We do activities together and I take on a mentor and parental role for them.”

In addition to her volunteer work with foster teens, Kelly travelled to Uganda this past April to teach at a Boys and Girls Club for two weeks. The trip, which was organized through the U of O’s Faculty of Education, comprised of Kelly and two other student volunteers who raised $8,000 for the Agnes Zabali Boys and Girls Club, along with school supplies.

And Alex Trebek has two philosophy degrees from the University of Ottawa…

Some notion of enhancement of future potential, where the potential has already been demonstrated.

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