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What Good Is Love

What good is love If we just fake it Bill Champlin, 1978: From Bill Champlin’s first solo album. Song not written or co-written by Champlin, which is usual. Written by Harry Garfield and Jay Graydon. Forever Open up your eyes

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See That Life

David Brooks on Charlie Rose. The inner peace dimension: Though no inner peace for Charlie Rose.

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Mike Harrison

Mike Harrison, 2012: At the age of 67 or 70, depending on correct birth year. 2007: 2002: 1973, stop and start: 1966: Left the music business for nearly 25 years. Found he could make more consistent money driving a delivery … Continue reading

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Back Seat

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad. Different version from the ad playing in Canada, though similar themes: Watching the world Elevation

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Matthew McConaughey Oscar Acceptance Speech

Matthew McConaughey, 2014 Best Actor, Dallas Buyers Club: Something to look up to Something to look forward to Someone to chase “It’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates.” Charles Laughton: “When you have God, you have a friend, and that … Continue reading

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New Possibility III

Wrote about John Fahey here and here. This legacy of peace in conviction: Something way past midnight ritual Some way for

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Santa Fire Escape

Ronnie Spector on Christmas. From Cari Wade Gervin, “Recording and Performing Still Thrill Ronnie Spector“. Nashville Scene, November 30, 2017. …Since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve loved Christmas. I remember sitting on Santa’s lap in Macy’s when I was … Continue reading

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