Things she said: weaponized fragility

Things she said
Broke me down and left me shattered

From Stephen Maher, “Jordan Peterson and the big mistake of university censors“. Maclean’s, November 17, 2017:

But there is something sick-making about the growing bureaucratization of safe spaces, the culture of human resources departments imposing itself on campus, the idea that the universities must protect students from being confronted by uncomfortable ideas.

You can’t learn to think without debating…

Campus activists have weaponized fragility, imposing the safety culture of the elementary school where it does not belong…

…But the world is not an elementary school, and we’re not doing students any favours by pretending that they can go through their lives without ever having their feelings hurt.

Today I saw her face in all the papers
A smile to empty out a lion’s cage

Every other daystore promise


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One Response to Things she said: weaponized fragility

  1. It’s pretty sad when universities become churches of conventionality, though my church encourages different views. The Cultural Revolution comes to mind. If it’s in the Little Red Book, it’s ok to quote. but don’t get the words wrong.

    Some are becoming unduly certain in their tribal beliefs. No one will dare disagree, and eventually no one will remember. At least in that tribe.

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