Runs with my life

From an article by Holton Shulman, “U of O prof translates letters between Leo Tolstoy and wife“, The Fulcrum 78:10 (November 6, 2017):

University of Ottawa Russian literature professor Andrew Donskov is no stranger to Leo Tolstoy. His entire professional life has been spent studying Russian and Slavic culture and literature, with a focus on the great Russian novelist. This passion makes Donskov perfectly suited to this new project, the collected letters of Tolstoy and his wife Sophia Tolstaya, sent to each other over their many years together, and now available as Tolstoy and Tolstaya from the University of Ottawa Press.

Donskov and his team have collected and translated 239 letters between the Tolstoys. They span from their courtship in the early 1860’s to his death in 1910. It is only a small sample, though, of the over-600 existing letters. Their correspondence covers a wide array of subjects: philosophy, literature, religion, and everyday topics like the running of his estate, money, and raising children.

This is not Donskov’s first involvement with Tolstoy or the life of his wife. In 2010, he translated for the first time into English My Life, Sophia Tolstoya’s memoirs. Among many accolades he has been awarded the Russian Presidential Pushkin Medal, and sits as a member of the Academic Council of the Tolstoy Museum in Moscow.

Professor Donskov has close ties with Russia. His grandfather and father, both Officers in the White Army, fled to Serbia after the Russian Civil War in 1920. He credits his mother and father with instilling in him an interest for Russian and Slavic culture and literature.

Donskov was even responsible for bringing a group of Canadian students on exchange to the Soviet Union for the first time in 1973.

Looks like Dr. Donskov is doing this while in a form of semi-retirement.

Though never retired, because it never leaves.

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