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Transubstitute II

In relation to “Transubstitute“, concerning views in relation to transubstantiation, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: I don’t know why the bread and wine wouldn’t be symbolically (or even really) the body and blood of Christ. If you believe… As … Continue reading

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Project City

…or rather, some towns, it seems. Various members of the law firm find that there are concentrations of criminal and family matters in certain smaller communities, where major industry is long gone. Younger people seem to spend longer periods living … Continue reading

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If you gotta believe in something

…why not believe in me? Pointer Sisters, 1976. From the movie Car Wash. Written and produced by Norman Whitfield. Included in motion picture sountrack, plus a “Best of” 1976 collection. Referencing Richard Pryor playing religious poser in the movie: Song … Continue reading

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Took it with me

Cover of Beauty in Exile, by Alexandre Vassiliev (2000): Book about the influence of Russian expatriate royalty on European fashion. Plus earlier influences. Beautiful book, found remaindered at the library. Gave it to friends who knew more, and appreciated more. … Continue reading

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As a child at church, this notion of transubstantiation. Host in the Catholic service was the actual body of Christ. Direct receipt of the spirit, premised on “I am not worthy to receive You”, as part of the service. Thought … Continue reading

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Blessed de Guerre II

In relation to “Blessed de Guerre”, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When I was a kid in school, we were still remembering WW1 as “the war to end all wars”, notwithstanding that WW2 and Korea had already occurred by … Continue reading

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Blessed de Guerre

How religion, plus politics, play such roles in Remembrance Day services. How the politicians send those off to war, to sacrifice in furtherance of wisdom or Where the religious leaders line up to somehow be some missive of allegedly Divine … Continue reading

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