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Power Theory

In Accounting Theory, there is a “power theory of executive compensation”. Part of accounting research aimed at demonstrating the relevance of accounting information to executive compensation arrangements. As summarized by William R. Scott (2015): The power theory was set forth … Continue reading

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Angles V

Have written about the angles, here, here, here and here. Now November 22: China wants stronger ties with Myanmar military November 23: Myanmar – Bangladesh agreement November 24: Chinese premier meets with Myanmar top military chief Nothing about making sure … Continue reading

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Enough to just be enough

An adapted comment of Neil Remington Abramson: I wish it were enough to just be enough, because enough is all you really can use. The rest is wasted on mere appearance. There may be no need to travel the world, … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When I was an honours student in the Sociology Department of the University of Saskatchewan in 1973 and 1974, the Department was divided between Marxist and non-Marxist faculty. The grapevine alerted us that if … Continue reading

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Missing The Blend

In Accounting Theory, so much research relating to efficiency of contracts and how to develop contract that best motivates manager to act in the best interest of business owners. Such a major research focus on the part of so many … Continue reading

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Orleans: Love Takes Time

I saw a shooting star go by It blazed a path across the sky But the beauty did not last 1979 song by Orleans. Written by Marilyn Mason and Larry Hoppen, when Mason was Hoppen’s then wife. Despite the sentiments … Continue reading

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Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When we were at the very high tech Airbnb in Tokyo, there was a washing machine that did the thinking for you. You load the clothes. It tells you how much water and how … Continue reading

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