You can go tribal

…or instead recognize that a less ordered and more open society ends up with a fluid culture. What constitutes a nation instead becoming when will countries disappear. Diversity is not necessarily strength, but rather an inevitable to be accommodated. Tribalism may be associated with particular strengths, though subject also to significant limitations of growth; no hands across. Ultimate advancement through the chaos of the blend.

Or one can always turn to

The Durranis were then divided into two major branches–the dominant Ziraks and the marginal Panjpais, who had typically been seen as troublemakers and who were sometimes even carved out of the Durrani-Ghilzai split…

Anger over tribal favoritism and corruption by government leaders and power brokers likely fueled the insurgency, causing some frustrated and jobless young men from the Alikozais, from another Zirak tribe called the Achakzais, and from the major Panjpai tribe of the Noorzais to sign up with the Taliban. Some of the Ghilzais, meanwhile, had turned back to the Taliban in Kandahar, but the Durranis also played a major leadership role in the Taliban. (The Taliban seemed to recognize more than the government how important it was to treat all the prickly Pashtun divisions equally, or, more accurately, that it was important to simply ignore them…)

Kim Barker, The Taliban Shuffle (2010)

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