Better than being humble, when it’s entirely deserved

In relation to some earlier commentary on Nia Peeples, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

When you see these people frozen in time, do you ever wonder what their future brought them, like the women in Renaissance portrait paintings; like the Mona Lisa? Or is she timeless, in some ineffable way? For me, I think “1991? Wow! It’s 26 years and now, like me, she’s way further down the line. How did it affect her, being so young and famous so long ago? How does present fame compare?”

If this happened to me – though nothing I’ve done would rate it – wouldn’t I maybe be a bit embarrassed as not really being the person I used to be? Or if I still was, perhaps I should be a bit embarrassed that I’d come a shorter distance in a longer time.

I guess faded fame is better than being humble when it’s entirely deserved. And she certainly was something, when she was–and, for all I know, still is.

That’s for sure.

As sure as advertising and promotional guarantees, anyways.

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