Associated Press, via the Toronto Sun, as found here, at rawa.org:

‘Death to America’, Afghans riot after crash

Chanting “Death to America,” rioters stoned the US convoy involved in the accident

KABUL — Violent anti-foreigner protests raged across Afghanistan’s capital yesterday after a U.S. military truck crashed into traffic, touching off the worst rioting since the Taliban’s ouster.

At least eight people died and 107 were injured before Kabul’s streets calmed.

Chanting “Death to America,” rioters stoned the U.S. convoy involved in the accident, then headed to the centre of town, ransacking offices of international aid groups and searching for foreigners in a display of rising resentment over civilian deaths in the war against insurgents.

Gunfire, at times intense, rang out across Kabul as hundreds of young men looted shops and set fire to police cars and station houses. Some people said U.S. and Afghan troops fired on the crowds.

The U.S.-backed Afghan government decreed a nighttime curfew and the city quieted before sunset.

A health ministry spokesman said eight bodies were delivered to hospitals in Kabul and 107 Afghans were treated for injuries

From Kim Barker, The Taliban Shuffle (2010):

Years later, whenever anyone asked when the good war became not such a good war, my answer was easy. On May 29, 2006, when a U.S. military truck suffered mechanical failure and plowed into rush-hour traffic in Kabul, killing three Afghans. Peaceful demonstrations quickly turned into antiforeigner riots. Soldiers fired into the crowd. Afghans ransacked buildings with English-language signs, from relief groups to a pizza restaurant. They even set fire to a building they thought was the Escalades brothel, though the brothel was next door. They shouted, “Death to Karzai,” and that regional catchphrase, “Death to America,” and ran from street to street, asking guards if foreigners lived inside. They almost threw a light-skinned girl into a fire, until she shouted in Dari and they realized she was Afghan. Karzai’s political rivals from the Northern Alliance were blamed for stoking the violence, the worst since the Taliban’s fall. At least seventeen Afghans were killed in the rioting; despite considerable efforts, no foreigners died. Karzai demonstrated his usual leadership skills, waiting until the riots had almost run their course to broadcast a televised message, urging calm.

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