Good At Something

Seems that everyone needs to have a sense that he or she has better than average abilities in some activity or domain. Often that sense will come through positive feedback in context.

How does one maintain a sense of particular abilities when faced with repetitive negative feedback?

Knew after ten years as a full-time academic that future there was part-time. Still able to earn income, as part-time.

Knew after two trials as an articling student that legal future was not as a barrister. Still able to earn income, as a solicitor.

Wonder about those in the arts, believing that they have the talent, but faced with regular rejection. Plus having to pay bills.

At what point does one’s belief in self get flattened by economics?

Those in local theatre, local bands, earning income elsewhere. No longer trying for the major auditions.

Somewhere, somebody thought you had it.

Holding onto some image of isolated accolade.

Made it before


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One Response to Good At Something

  1. It is a wise person who realizes and accepts his or her limitations. You can still believe in yourself, but in a realistic fashion. Not every hockey player has the natural talent of a Wayne Gretzky. Not every guitarist can be Eric Clapton. Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hours to mastery is a nice idea, but doesn’t take into account natural limitations. I might dream of being a jockey and riding thoroughbred horses in the Kentucky Derby, but no matter how much I practice my riding skills it isn’t going to happen. Jockeys are short and weigh about 100 pounds. I am too tall and heavy, and no amount of practice can change that.

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