Dealt The Cards II

Where one ends up.

Partly the play, partly the cards.

Trying to make better, or make the best of, what one has been dealt.

Dealt hand of life as the challenge to make better.

No need to win, but rather to sense the opportunities to trade away or into the hand.

Ease of victory, or excuses, never part of the game.


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One Response to Dealt The Cards II

  1. I’m not sure that the value of the cards you have been dealt remains constant, as you learn what you can make of what you’ve been dealt. Experience can be a great equalizer, and hard work can compensate for a poorer post position.

    Through education, a card that appeared to be a two may be transformed into an ace, or perhaps low appearances hide higher essential values. And, of course, many with winning hands squander their advances. Or, like the hare racing the turtle, sleep away in over confidence, or throw their hands in frustration, when they unexpectedly lose a trick.

    One must learn to do the best that one can with what one has. And what one has is often better than what you thought you didn’t have, before starting.

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