From La Rotonde, le 2 octobre 2017, p. 8, “La Parenthèse française” par Nicolas Hubert:

Egypte–Au moins six personnes ont été arrêtées le 22 septembre pour avoir brandi un drapeau arc-en-ciel à l’occasion d’un concert donné par le groupe libanais Mashrou’Leila, particulièrement engage dans la défense des LGBT. Un étudiant ayant assisté au concert a également été condamné à six ans de prison pour “pratique de la débauche”.

As reported in The New Arab:

Egypt court sentences concert-goer to six years in prison over LGBT flag

The New Arab, September 26, 2017

An Egyptian court on Tuesday sentenced a student to six years in prison for “practicing debauchery” for raising the rainbow flag of the LGBT movement at a concert, according to local media…

Egypt’s Syndicate of Musical Professions will now push for a ban on Mashrou Leila from performing in Egypt, according to its deputy chairman Reza Ragab said in remarks to local press.

While the role of the Syndicate of Musical Professions is “not restricting”, Ragab said, “we must prevent such bands and musicians from getting on stage because they perform abnormal art”, he adds.

Mashrou’ Leila, whose lead singer is openly gay, have played in Egypt before although they have twice been banned from Jordan over accusations that the band’s music violates the kingdom’s traditions and is blasphemous.

An exasperated host on one television channel urged deputy head of the official musicians union Reza Rageb to explain how such a thing like raising the LGBT flag could have happened on Egyptian soil.

“We are against gay art,” Ragab said in a phone interview on AlAssema TV. “It is depraved art.”

When one starts to refer to art as “depraved”…


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