Where, in September of 2017, China supports Myanmar’s attacks on Rohingyas

And the joint Myanmar-China oil and gas exploration project, discussed in July of 2017…




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  1. I suppose there might be two sides to hear from? There usually are, though the media usually makes out one as pure and white, and the other utterly and opaquely black. I haven’t heard much in relation to the Myanmar side, except that the formerly heroic national leader, who was granted honorary Canadian citizenship, is now regarded as a major disappointment. I wish we received more news and less commentary, so we could come to our own informed opinions. I am not arguing for or against the Myanmarians. The vast number of refugees make them look really bad, but few report the larger dimensions as to why it is happening. Is that too much to ask for – an explanation? Then we will know exactly why we are condemning them, if that’s what we do.

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