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You can go tribal

…or instead recognize that a less ordered and more open society ends up with a fluid culture. What constitutes a nation instead becoming when will countries disappear. Diversity is not necessarily strength, but rather an inevitable to be accommodated. Tribalism … Continue reading

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Better than being humble, when it’s entirely deserved

In relation to some earlier commentary on Nia Peeples, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: When you see these people frozen in time, do you ever wonder what their future brought them, like the women in Renaissance portrait paintings; like … Continue reading

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Artistry Among Millions

In terms of the person who put together the video for Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” (1989): Directed by David Fincher, prior to a larger film and television career. Talent waiting Attendant

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Lake: Lost By The Wayside

Oh well the Lord said come forth But I came fifth And I was lost by the wayside And my dreams said don’t go But then I did And I was caught in a landslide From the band’s second album, … Continue reading

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Associated Press, via the Toronto Sun, as found here, at ‘Death to America’, Afghans riot after crash Chanting “Death to America,” rioters stoned the US convoy involved in the accident KABUL — Violent anti-foreigner protests raged across Afghanistan’s capital … Continue reading

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If you’re going to end up stuck here

…you’d better make sure you are done. Couldn’t figure out the meaning. Thought maybe this was more in the “shallowed old souls” mode. Looked for the source. Couldn’t find it. Maybe cooked to perfection, as are the others where one … Continue reading

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Shallowed Old Souls

He comes shuffling down the street, mumbling, disheveled, seemingly lost. Passes by with That’s how they shallowed old souls. Yes, they did. Then more mumbling. Thought of responding with “Termite of Temptation“, but wasn’t certain if it was the same … Continue reading

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Summary of The Sum

Have referenced some editorial content in relation to Michael Mackenzie, Canada’s first Superintendent of Financial Institutions. In the same editorial, by Nelson Luscombe, in CA Magazine from March, 1987, “When two plus two equals three”, the source of the title … Continue reading

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Real World

From an interview with Michael Mackenzie, by Nelson Luscombe, shortly after Mackenzie’s appointment as Canada’s first Superintendent of Financial Institutions. As published in “When two plus two equals three”, Editorial, CA Magazine, March, 1987: …I have this uneasy feeling that … Continue reading

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I’ve got my feet in the window Got my head on the ground What makes some people continue to function, when faced with adversity, while others can’t get up anymore? Thinking about this father of a student, defrauded twice in … Continue reading

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