She will be involved in organizing a homecoming for graduates from her all-girls high school. Was involved in an earlier one, and people remember how good she was.

This time, the fundraising objective will be to raise enough money so that no student in this all girls school, in the country of her youth, will have to pay final examination fees. Though the “irrespective of income” is exactly that–no matter how rich or poor the student is, no one will have to pay these fees.

She remembers how most of the students in the school were from families of modest means, as she was, but that there was also a group of girls from rich families. Those girls were ostracised by the majority. Those girls from rich families left the school, and the country, and never came back, particularly to revisit the high school of their social exclusion.

She wants to see things differently this time. Those girls from rich and poor families are now all over the world. She wants them all to come back. And they are responding. First time in decades, if not since graduation, that the more affluent graduates have been directly approached. Things seen differently now, due to her message of inclusion. They want to attend.

Many want her to come from Canada to run to become a Member of Parliament in the country of her youth. Growing local and global network of support.

Future Minister. She sees things beyond what most of us see.

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