No Faith

In relation to reports of the nature and extent of fraudulent academic credentials, as related to the “Academic Condom“, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

It’s not just the research that could be fake. The researcher him/herself may be fake, having a fake PhD from a fake university. Science is certainly taking a beating these days. And if we must have faith in it, has it become a religion?

What we need is serious consequences greater than whatever benefits that might have accrued, or that one might have hoped to have received.

Where some advertise as being the best place to buy a fake diploma, certificate and transcript.

And, as Neil points out:

Why wait for your fake degree to be printed and your transcript fabricated. Here is an allegedly “legal” degree, that takes 24 hours. Well, they say it’s legal, based on a “loophole.”

Since this was being investigated almost a decade ago, where are these academic frauds now?

In 2008, Marie Theriault-Sabourin was a manager in the registrar’s office at Algonquin College in Ottawa, when her fake M.B.A. degree was discovered and publicly reported. Part of the role of the registrar’s office is authenticating degrees from other educational facilities. As of 2015, she is still a manager in the registrar’s office.

In 2008, Quami Frederick was a third year law student at Osgoode Hall, having purchased a forged Bachelor of Business Administration degree represented to be from St. George’s University in Grenada. She falsely represented that she had attended the institution for four years, and falsely claimed that she made the Dean’s honour list, with a near-perfect grade point average. She seems to have largely disappeared, at least under that name.

Time and place, in relation to consequences.

They want to appear to be better than just ruthlessly self-interested. Hence the fancy degrees that buff into a shine their corrupt attitudes.


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