Student Protection II

In relation to “The Ripper and Student Protection“, concerning a senior professor feeling he had let his students down in relation to a certain area of a course, and not wanting his students to be penalized accordingly on a final exam, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

When you say his students were protected, does that mean you accepted answers that were technically incorrect because that was what he taught?

[Actually, we ignored that question entirely for his student’s section, and accordingly marked their papers with lower total available marks.]

When I was a second year Sociology Masters TA (one of several), the prof we worked for observed that most students were scoring badly on one essay question on the final. He felt in retrospect that it was because the question was worded poorly and caused a uniform confusion. He instructed us to determine what we thought the students thought the question actually meant, and to grade them on that presumed question rather than the one ostensibly printed in the exam.

We did. We thought he was so humanitarian, even though it caused us extra work.

And no one complained about the extra work to come to a fair result.

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