Considering The Totality

Statue of Montgomery in Whitehall, London,
by Oscar Nemon, unveiled in 1980.
Source: Wikipedia

Maybe the monuments should generally be set up as temporary.

From “Monty’s racism shocked U.K. cabinet”. Reuters via the National Post, January 9, 1999: A14:

Britain’s most famous Second World War commander, Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery, submitted a racist master plan for Africa that so embarrassed the postwar government that it had to keep watch on him to ensure he did not repeat his imperial notions in public.

Records published yesterday revealed that Field Marshal Montgomery–who was revered as a hero for leading Allied troops to victory in North Africa–drew up an imperial plan to turn the continent into a white supremacist bulwark against communism.

A secret, two-month tour of 11 African countries in 1947 led him to conclude the aboriginal African “is a complete savage and is quite incapable of developing the country himself,” the official papers showed…

Lord Chalfont, a former Labour foreign minister and biographer of Monty, said an icon had tumbled. “A lot of people will find it extremely surprising,” Lord Chalfont said. “His reputation is irredeemably damaged. I find it very disappointing and depressing.”

Depends on when one finds out…

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