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All this could have

Seems that it is too easy to focus on what didn’t happen, what one didn’t achieve. Then things cascade into such major and largely irrelevant negatives. Even at the best of times, the sentiment can slip in. Even at the … Continue reading

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From The Taliban Shuffle (2010) by Kim Barker, in relation to the Kabul Zoo: I had gone to the zoo, planning to use it as an interesting way to tell the history of modern Afghanistan. My hook was Marjan the … Continue reading

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Darul Aman Palace. All this hope in the early 1920s. Construction commenced by Amanullah Khan, prior to his ouster and exile in 1929. And where to All in the

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Passing them by, and thought they were dead. Line of trees, so carefully planted and potted, in a manner. Then saw a few leaves on the ground. Seems like they gave up, early. Too many cars, or too much indifference. … Continue reading

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The Repetition

Five years on. Little changing but the degree of focus. And larger numbers. This being “Social Current Sinking“, published, June 15, 2012: In Burma, they’re told they’re illegals who should go back to Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, they’re told they’re Burmese … Continue reading

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Conceptual Revision

So many speaking for a need for a conceptual framework in accounting. Something like a constitutional document, providing one with the first principles in accounting, from which others may be deduced or evaluated deductively. Needing the first principles in order … Continue reading

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All but fair

In relation to “All in the taking“, concerning accounting principles being interpreted on the border, similar to the Criminal Code or the Income Tax Act, the issue was raised as to how auditors could be found at fault, when the … Continue reading

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