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Knew about Hannah Arendt, more by name and in terms of the phrase most associated with her: “the banality of evil”. Have not yet read the book, Eichmann in Jerusalem: The Banality of Evil (1963). Saw the 2012 film, starring … Continue reading

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Talking Madness

With similar sentiment today as forty years ago I’m telling you, he was no clown, he’s just a crazy young fool Sitting down across some bar room table talking madness Where the cover model is supposedly reading Howl. Part of

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Neil Remington Abramson, a recently-retired professor from the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, returned to the campus and commented as follows: It strikes me that 25 years ago, when I started here at Simon Fraser University, none of … Continue reading

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All the way from

“We have made it all the way from Iraq,” said Mahmood, a 25-year-old Kurd travelling with three friends. “We hid on buses and (trucks) to get into Iran, then we walked for 30 hours to get into Turkey and then … Continue reading

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Reading older copy of The New Yorker, picked up used from the library, and then focusing on cover: All seeming to fit. Hand perhaps a bit off, but otherwise everything so coloured and ordered. Title: “In The Shade”. Artist being … Continue reading

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Glass Wall

Where one wonders how long the glass walls can last, particularly in Canadian climate. Not many houses with floor to ceiling glass. Perhaps easier to construct, but fifty years on… Had saved this image, from some time ago, but didn’t … Continue reading

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Nick Drake: Cello Song

For the dreams that came To you when so young Saw this version on Vintage TV, where someone had added imagery to complement the song by Nick Drake, from his debut album, Five Leaves Left, recorded in 1968-1969 and released … Continue reading

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