In a certain light

Photo credited to Awad Awad, Agence France Press, who was wounded by gunfire in Jerusalem, the following year.

With the caption:

Iraqi schoolchildren, eager to learn, in a Baghdad school yesterday. Life returned to normal for the Iraqi population after last month’s Desert Fox air war mounted by the United States and Britain, but a string of clashes has occurred in Iraqi skies since the end of the raids.

Desert Fox? Oh, that one

Published in the National Post, January 8, 1999, p. A13. Classes segregated by gender, but not segregated as to experience.


al-Quds School, Baghdad
September, 2002
Photograph by Faleh Kheiber, Reuters
who was injured in a U.S. tank attack on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad
April, 2003, where the Reuters office was located
and where a Reuters camera person was killed.

What eyes

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