Slightly II

In relation to “Slightly“, concerning the comparative need for vacations, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

At Simon Fraser University, we received generous weeks of vacation, but couldn’t save it up from year to year. Some professors, like me through much of my career, who spent the entire research semester actually researching, writing and submitting articles to journals, were rewarded with the least vacation time. The ones who had given up writing (half of us, someone once told me) were both still employed and punished with all of five or six weeks holidays.

Was I embittered? I wonder. I might have said I “wised up”, and chose to spend the time a little differently. For me, doing research felt like holidays, but the writing of articles and the revisions occasioned by difficult and critical reviewers were hard work, and not always to be pursued. So now I am the co-author of a best-selling text, produced at the expense of writing obscure articles, intended for top journals. I have a much bigger audience, but one not valued by my colleagues.


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