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Inertia is a great motivator

Comment from a courier, with respect to ending up still dealing a lot of documents that could be dealt with electronically. Inertia as a great motivator to not change.

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Get your business straight

From “Above the law” by Yan Barcelo, “Globetrotting”. CPA Magazine, September, 2017: As data leaks such as the Panama Papers have thrown a spotlight on global elites and their tax-dodging schemes, but a big part of the blame should be … Continue reading

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In a certain light

Photo credited to Awad Awad, Agence France Press, who was wounded by gunfire in Jerusalem, the following year. With the caption: Iraqi schoolchildren, eager to learn, in a Baghdad school yesterday. Life returned to normal for the Iraqi population after … Continue reading

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Conversation between friends, where one had been in a delusional state, requiring hospitalization: He: I know you were in a delusional state. I was in the emergency department at the hospital with you. She: Are you sure?

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Academic Condom: Faith

In relation to top ten most highly cited retracted academic papers that still end up being cited, even after retraction, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: If a percentage of scientific research is no longer reliable or valid, how does … Continue reading

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A man who goes down on his knees is either proposing marriage, or he has been shot. Comment by Sofia Vergara, playing Ava in New Year’s Eve. Earthy and humorous, as here: 2011 film by Garry Marshall. Written by Katherine … Continue reading

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From The Maestro, by Tim Wynne-Jones (1995), where a world-famous pianist and composer explains his choice to live in rustic isolation: But when I actually came here, I knew what I needed more than health, even more than the quiet, … Continue reading

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Blindfold, Empty Room

Saving Private Ryan feels about as challenging as walking blindfolded through an empty room backwards: a different way of experiencing the familiar, but familiar all the same. Geoff Pevere, in reviewing The Thin Red Line in comparison: “A masterpiece on … Continue reading

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Reviewer Conversion

In relation to “Sage journal retracts three more papers after discovering faked reviews“, published by Retraction Watch, Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows: The job of the reviewer for a refereed journal is sure expanding. In the old days, not … Continue reading

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You give it to me, I give it to you

All this whatnot in terms of moment of the moment. This socially constructed fantasy of connection, social or otherwise. The morning after the party. The party into the morning, that still leads Vapours and hollow. Forty years ago, or yesterday. … Continue reading

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