Youngbloods: Sugar Babe

I got drunk
And fell on the floor
Sugar Baby

Youngbloods, 1967:

Thought it was a traditional song, reworked. Turns out that it is an original, written by Jesse Colin Young, around the age of 26. Where most of the songs on the album, Earth Music, are originals, by various band members.

When people discuss the origins of country-rock music, fifty years on…

Put your hands on your hips
And let your mind roll by
Sugar Baby

Addendum, July 28, 2017: Turns out that it is in fact a traditional song, reworked. A function of sources consulted. AllMusic gives sole credit to Jesse Colin Young, while there is also a credit to a “Lomax” elsewhere. As explained in Wikipedia, as retrieved today, with the requisite cautions as to its authority as a source:

“Sugar Babe,” erroneously credited to Young/ Lomax, is a folk song about gambling and drinking that had been printed in American Ballads and Folk Songs, by John A. Lomax and his son Alan Lomax, published in 1934. In a note below “Sugar Babe,” the Lomax’s state: “words and melody reprinted from the second volume of English Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians, collected by Cecil Sharp, edited by Maud Karpeles.” That book was published in 1932.


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