Pianist Jimmy Rowles on saxophonist Lester Young and Billie Holiday, as recounted by Julia Blackburn, in With Billie (2005):

[In 1942], Jimmy thought she was probably more happy than she had ever been, or would ever be again, because things were going so well, and on top of that, she was working with Lester Young. Jimmy knew that when Lester played for her “She felt as if she was in her mother’s arms: she was always happy when Lester was playing for her because of what he did for her, because he was there with her. The two of them were perfectly matched. They belonged together.”

…[she] was never all over him, like always sitting together. She went her way, he went his. But she’d say “Well, Pres! I can smell him! I know he’s here and so it’s good!”


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