This idea of so much control by men. Of women, and their public appearance. How it is driven by religion, or culture as reinforced by religion. This concept of “public decency” being referenced to how women present. If considered too publicly tempting to men, it becomes indecent.

I must control your public presentation and appearance.

I also have a right to dictate how you will present and appear to me in private. If I want it, you give it.

Remember seeing this porn of some guy having the woman wipe him, with her hijab, after sex. He went from behind, not wanting to see his eyes in hers. She only turns to wipe.

See, I controlled you then, and now I am disgusted, so you must share in that disgust, since you are its object. And I expect decent dress in public.

Beginning to appreciate the slutwalks:

This is how you look for consent
Of course we don’t blame the nun

What is seen and not seen
What right is not seen


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