Ortona 1943, 1998: Terry F. Rowe

Reading a major CBC news story on the Ortona Christmas reconciliation dinner, 1998, published January, 1999, uncredited, as “Return to Ortona: A Battlefield Redemption“. Fifty-five years after there was a brief respite from the fighting, to celebrate Christmas amidst bloodshed, in 1943.

Remembering this image of the Christmas dinner for Canadian soldiers, 1943, in a bombed-out church in Ortona:

In another story from Radio Canada International, by Marc Montgomery, “History: Dec 21, 1943, Canada and the bloody battle for Ortona“, published December 21, 2015, the background of the photo is given:

In one of Ortona’s more famous photos, the Seaforth Highlanders enjoy their Christmas dinner, in the bombed-out church at Santa Maria di Constantinopoli, Ortona, Italy, 25 December 1943. The dinner was made from foods scrounged, and troops were rotated away from the fighting just a couple of streets away, and then sent back to make room for others to enjoy a brief respite. For some, it would be their last meal. © Terry F. Rowe / Canada. Department of National Defence – Library and Archives Canada =PA-152839

Had wondered who the photographer was, and then noticed the copyright: Terry F. Rowe. Thought he must be a famous war photographer. Did a search and found, at “Canada at War Forums“:

Terry F. Rowe, killed on Nettuno Beach Feb.6,1944. Photographer for Winnipeg Tribune before joining Canadian 1st Division on the British 8th Army’s Adriatic front on the Moro River and Ortona. I am his neice and would love to be contacted by anyone who knew him or whose loved one knew him.

Photograph as personal legacy

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